2200-069 - Freightliner Radiator

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Year Make Model Engine
Length x Width x Height: 38.5 x 30 x 8
  • Reference #
    2200069 800115 800115PT 238789 238828 SC238789 SC238828 SCSI238789 SCSI238828 HDC010968PAF HDC010968PA LT9425 LT9318 613RA9318 RA9318 MOD3A0128090000 MOD3E0128090000 MOD3S0128090000 3A0128090000 3E0128090000 3S0128090000 3A12809 3E12809 3S12809 3A012809 3E012809 3S012809 3A0584300000 3E0584300000 3S0584300000 A0529022000 A0529358000 A0529358001 A0529760000 A0529760001 A0529022000 A0531707000 A0531707001 A0531707003 437523P 238789