Research and Development



R & D & Intensive Product Testing

Creation of the Highest quality products

Customer Trust

A big part of our success comes from our concentrated efforts on research and development. Before they hit the production line, all of our products go through an intensive process of development and testing.

All of our products undergo vigorous testing: automobile catalysts, catalytic converters, auto radiators, intercoolers, auto a/c condensers, and EGR coolers

At Lynol, R & D lies at the heart & center of our business.

A large portion of our campus is dedicated to research and development. This is where highly skilled individuals come every day and cohesively develop ideas and strategies that eventually lead to products that get produced in large quantities — in the thousands, and sometimes even in the millions.

Without this critical process, our products and our company wouldn’t have the proud reputation it has.

Lynol constantly challenges itself. In order to stay ahead of the industry and guarantee that we are living up to our standards, our methodology involves thinking outside the box and being innovative in every piece that we produce so that our customers continue to enjoy the benefits of our craftsmanship.


It is our obsessive attention to detail that drives us toward excellence Without it, we wouldn’t have the capacity to produce our products and get it right every single time.