About Us

Lynol Cooling Systems

Lynol is a manufacturer and distributer of high quality auto radiators, catalytic converters, a/c condensers, intercoolers, and EGR.

Lynol is located in Shandong Province, China. Our property grounds cover over 90,000 square meters and employ over 700 employees. Our employees are a group of highly skilled and talented technicians who are driven through their passion and vision that fit within the company’s goals and higher sense of purpose.

This purpose is to lead the way in being a globally responsible figure in the world of development and manufacturing. We honor this motto by being a company that is environmentally responsible.

LYNOL Cooling Systems Inc is founded in 2006, we are an oversea branch with 35K sq. ft. warehouse in Los Angeles, CA and 25K sq. ft. warehouse in Chesapeake, VA. We are a distributor of Automotive/HD Truck Radiator, A/C Condenser, Charge Air Cooler, EGR Cooler, DPF, DOC and other auto & truck parts. LYNOL highly emphasize on quality and service. In order to provide the best and stable quality to customers, all of the products we carry are made by our own factory. ONLY QUALITY THAT LASTS…
SHANDONG YYO Emission Control System Co. Ltd is founded in 2005, it’s a professional environmental manufacture with do R&D, production of EGR Cooler, DPF Filter, Exhaust Catalysts Over the years, especially in the precious metals as catalyst purification device has a great breakthrough by the efforts to solve the low content of precious metals, long-life, and high-activity of cutting edge technology. Product varieties include TWC, DOC, DPF, CDPF & SCR, etc. ‘Integrity’ ‘Responsibility’ ‘Endeavour’ ‘Innovation’ attitude, to create better future with all friends’ hand in hand.
Greentec Environmental is a professional sales company for OEM replacement diesel particulate filters. The MaxFilter brand filters are made by our SHANDONG YYO Emission Control System Co, Ltd from the highest quality materials to the most demanding quality standards. MaxFilter replacement DPFs provide reliability and durability for years of service.
CHIPING LUHUAN Auto Radiator Co., Ltd is founded in 1993, is a manufacture of specializing in R&D, production of Radiator, A/C condenser, Charge Air Cooler, plastic tank, oil cooler.

In order to promote the scale of company, ChiPing LuHuan consistently adhere to “To survive from quality, to develop from innovation, to benefit from brand”, and focus on product quality, grade on the aspect of technology, equipment, testing means. With the most advanced production equipment and ERP system, Chiping LuHuan annual production capacity over 1.4M pcs.