LYNOL is a manufacturer and distributer of high quality Auto Radiators, HD Truck Radiators, A/C Condensers, Charge Air Coolers, EGR Coolers and DPF (Diesel Particular Filter).

If we don't do our part, our customers cannot do their part. It is of critical that we ensure that this thread in our business relations is constantly nurtured.

We are an international company with customers all across the globe including Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Lynol places a heavy emphasis on ensuring that we produce products of the highest caliber in order to ensure the trust of our our customers. This is what sets us apart from the competition. Our definition of customer service is intertwined with the quality of the products that we produce. In other words, customer service alone won’t cut it if the product itself doesn’t meet the demands of the customer. Both components have to compliment each other. For our company, this has been the cornerstone to our success.

We are driven on delivering not just a product that meets the expectations of the customer. Our business model is focused on delivering products that far exceed expectations. Through this mentality, our customers remain loyal to our brand and can continue to rely on us for their future needs. They know that they can rely on Lynol to consistently provide them with quality products. Our customers are also large scale operations who work under pressure and tight deadlines in order to meet the orders of their buyers.


It is our obsessive attention to detail that drives us toward excellence Without it, we wouldn’t have the capacity to produce our products and get it right every single time.